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If you’re a writer who wants to share your work with the world, it’s important to know where to start.

Publishing is a complex and competitive industry, especially for those of us creating LGBTQIA+ content. But luckily, there are plenty of dedicated resources out there to help you get started.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to the Sapphic Book Blogger Directory—a resource that can connect you with WLW book bloggers who can help promote your work.

Whether you’re an author looking for new readers or a publisher looking for talented writers, this directory is a great place to start.

So let’s get started!

This is a list of all the websites I found that review sapphic fiction, with links to their reviews and other relevant information.

I have done my best to compile the information on this list as accurately as possible, but there are many websites that change their rules. So read carefully before submitting your book!

There are so many genres out there that it would be impossible to list them all. So instead I have broken down the most popular ones: ‘Science Fiction’ (including Space Opera), ‘Fantasy’ includes novels & stories set against various backgrounds such as medieval Europe or modern-day New York City; ‘Horror’ for tales featuring anything from monsters from haunted houses come alive at nighttime. Mystery/ Crime stories where the investigating character needs to solve crimes committed by various criminals, including their own family members! YA fiction is usually about adolescents living outside society’s norms, trying to make sense of the world. ‘Romance’ includes any book where the main plot focuses on the romance between the lead characters, while I hope ‘erotica’ is self-explanatory.

Finally, for those of you who publish poetry anthologies and non-fiction, I have also included those who specify that they review those books.

SiteScience FictionFantasyHorrorMystery/CrimeYAHistoricalRomanceEroticaPoetryNon-FictionComments:Submit link
Alex Reads BooksYESNONOYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Black Lesbian Literary CollectiveYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESBlack lesbian writers onlySubmitOpens in a new tab.
Books To Get Lost InNONONo Religon. No Cheating. No Free Verse Novels.SubmitOpens in a new tab.
Bookshelf SOSYESYESNOYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
BookvarkYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Bridgets Lesbian Book ReviewsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOAudiobooks only. No heterosexual elementsSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Broome's BooksYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Casey The Canadian LesbrarianYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESCanadians onlySubmitOpens in a new tab.
Cece ❀Rants, Raves &Reviews❀YESNOYESYESNOPreferred file format: Physical Copies
Also accepts MOBI or EPUB
Email Us
Celestial BooksYESYESNONONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Curve MagzineYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Evie DraeYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONONONo Children's fictionSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Ghostly ReadsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
GLBT ReviewsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESPhysical Books ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Howling LibrariesYESYESYESYESYESYESNONo Christian Fiction. Will accept graphic novels and middle grade fiction.SubmitOpens in a new tab.
Joyfully JayNONONONONONOYESNONOYESMostly m/m but some f/fSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Kam's Queerfic PantryYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOFemale led and female authors preferred.SubmitOpens in a new tab.
Kitty Kat's Book Review BlogYESYESYESYESNONOWill not review abuse, rape, very depressing, negative story-lines, strong religious themes or horror.SubmitOpens in a new tab.
Lambda LiteraryYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES3-4 month advance copies ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Les ReveurYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Lesbian Historic Motif PodcastNONONONONOYESNOYESNONOHistorical or historical fantasy ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Lesbian Rabbit HoleYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOWill review graphic novelsSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Lesbian Reading RoomYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
LesbraryYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Let's Fox About ItYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESWill not review allocishet main characters/authorsSubmitOpens in a new tab.
LezReviewBooksYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Local Bee Hunter's NookYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Love Bytes: LGBTQ Book ReviewsWill review what 'piques the interest' of their review teamSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Luie's Digital BookshelfYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Lynn LawlerYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Midnight Book BlogYESYESYESNOYESYESYESYESYESNOOnly accepting physical advanced copiesSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Nautical Star BooksYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Not Me AnymoreYESYESNOYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Other Worlds InkYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Pan/Cis LGBT2SQ+ Romance ReviewsYESRomance in any Sub-GenreSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Queer Books UnboundYESYESNONONOYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Queerly ReadsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Rainbow Book ReviewsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Rainbow Gold ReviewsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Rainbow Moose's ReviewsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Sapphic Book ClubYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Sapphic ReviewsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESLesbian ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Sapphic SolaceYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Scattered Thoughts and Rogue WordsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
She Sighed!YESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Sistahs On The ShelfYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOBlack lesbian literature ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Soulful ThoughtsYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Sweet Fiction SillhouetteYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Sweet Ink ServicesYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Book DeviantYESYESYESYESYESYESNONONOInterested in POC and DisabilitySubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Future FireYESNONONONONONONONONOSpeculative Fiction ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Lesbian Book BlogNONOYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Lesbian Book WormYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Lesbian ReviewYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Novel ApproachYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Queer BookishNOYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOPlease include content/trigger warnings for emotional abuse, rape, self harm, and suicideSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Romance ReviewsYESRomance ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
The Romantic Reader BlogYESRomance ONLYSubmitOpens in a new tab.
Tome ReaderYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESNONOSubmitOpens in a new tab.
With Love For BooksYESYESYESYESInvite only siteSubmitOpens in a new tab.

This list is just the beginning!

It’s growing so quickly that we’ll have to keep updating it. But for now, bookmark this page and check back often or use our handy dandy search feature when you next have a book in need of a review – there are reviewers out there who would love being able to help out with your next release! 🙂


Niamh Murphy is a bestselling author of YA adventure fiction, proudly publishing independently since 2013.

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